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Articles for your online business needs.

We make every effort to provide good articles for basic SEO on your business site.

With the support of more than hundreds of thousands of synonyms, it will produce articles that are unique and human friendly and very suitable for adsense and other purposes.

We will also provide short tips and tricks to accelerate your business generate. Simply you see from the menu tabs available.

Articles You Must Prepare

Articles are the basic ingredients of a business whose purpose is to have 2 functions, first for search engines and second for site visitors. When you create a business site, the first thing you need to do in filling in content is to post the initial article for SEO.

Use articles that are unique and relevant to the keywords you specify. Post until the article is really indexed properly and the keywords are also embedded correctly in the article.

For maximum results, you need at least 100 fundamental articles specifically for search engines, so that your site can rank quickly.

So prepare 100 articles for main keywords, and 100 articles for derived keywords, and add keyword tags. For the order to build a site quickly, please read according to the tab menu above. Spirit!!

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Important Keywords for Your Online Business Success

Keywords are the first to be taken seriously. By researching keywords, we can easily market the site to specific targets according to our business niche.

There are several types of keywords that must be prepared:

First: Main Keywords - Keywords to be the main article on the front page of a site. Minimum 500 words, but for very maximum results, create an article with 1000-2000 words. Or exaggerate it from your business competitors so competition is no longer relevant.

Second: Child Keywords - Namely keywords that will support the main keywords. The function is to add value to the main keywords. Derived keywords can be inserted in the main keyword article by providing an outbound link to the derived keyword article. A maximum of 500 words is enough for this keyword article.

Third: Keyword Tags - That is an addition outside the article, with the help of free tools such as keywordshitters you can get recommendations for keyword tags according to your business.

Do you want to trial or sample the main keywords, derived keywords, and keyword tags? You can directly download click here . Or maybe you want to see keyword products plus articles that you are ready to use? Please click tab product

Article Use Secrets

After you get the evergreen keyword collection, you must choose 10 keywords that have the most searches and have low competition.

From each of your keywords, you should collect approximately 10 basic articles. And a total of 10 keywords you choose are 100 articles that are ready to be posted on your site.

If you think you have to write manually, you will be left with people who use shortcuts. Don't worry, you can use the article generator here quickly.

All you need to produce 100 articles is 1 day, and you can proceed to the next optimization stage.

The first step you have to do is select the access key forever or try it within 1 day. You can get cheaper than here, but the article generator here has a unique advantage of up to 99% with a choice of readable word synonyms.

1. Enter keywords according to the keywords you have

2. Select English

3. Rewrite the article to be unique

4. The number of articles produced select a maximum of 10 articles

Note: if one keyword is not found even 10 articles, you can add another keyword. In essence, the total article must be 100 pieces.

Please select below. To accelerate your success in online business.


After you make a payment, wait a few minutes, we will send the access code via your email in paypal or you can contact via whatsapp here.

The second step, After 100 articles have been collected, prepare a schedule with the trick of posting 10 articles per day from one keyword. After posting, ping or other ways to get indexed quickly. Don't be in a hurry to post the next article, if you force it, it will make the optimization even more difficult.

The third step, While waiting to be indexed, the production of more articles for 2 things, first; 50 articles specifically derived keywords. Second; 50 articles specifically for backlinks. We show in the minimum limit, if you want more leverage, as much production as possible.

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